News From Seattle Signing

Some stuff from Neil’s signing:

Yes, he and David Lynch were trying to get a project going, but it seems to have stalled out (Microsoft offered to put it on the net for a ton of money, but would get all rights. They declined)

The Signal To Noise radio play was a lot of fun for Neil.

Jessie Dylan, who is named as the Neverwhere director is indeed Bob Dylan’s son (or more importantly to Neil’s son, Jakob Dylan’s brother).

Yes, Neil signed with Henson films last week to do a Neverwhere film. He said he had brief fantasies of casting Kermit the Frog as Richard Maywew but gave them up when he couldn’t figure out who Miss Piggy would play. I think it’s obvious… she’s the Great Beast of London. (Silly Muppets fantasy casting should be posted to

Neil will be writing the Neverwhere Movie script. He originally said no, but they told him they’d just find someone who does a great Gaiman impersonation and pay them to write it. “I’ve been doing me longer than they have!”

Tori Amos has told Neil that she wants to do the music for Stardust when it’s finished, and yes, he has made her a tree.

Border’s Books (I think that’s the name of it) will be doing “authorless signings” where they will have presigned copies of Neverwhere for sle, as well as showing the BBC Video! All of it! Whoop!

Quite a few people (including Neil) asked when the redesign would be finished. Um… soon.