Very Old Interviews

  • Neil And Tori for Creem Magazine. Mostly Tori, but it’s just too good to leave on my hard drive doing nothing. Actually, this is two interviews, courtesy of Kevin Hollenbeck.
  • An interview for Worlds of Westfield
  • Another interview for Worlds of Westfield
  • Neil ruminates on cities in SimCity 2000. (URL gone – anyone have this handy?)
  • Comicsworld interview – if anyone knows where this one has moved to, email
  • Flash Paper with lots of photos from the San Francisco CBLDF reading.
  • Following his dream – Neil Gaiman talks about his past, present, and future as a storyteller.
  • Neil was on AOL in February, 1996. Here’s a transcript of the interview.
  • Here’s a Radio Interview with Neil courtesy of Jefferson Robbins.
  • Aron Wallaker’s review of a reading by Neil for the CBLDF, including a Q&A session.
  • Brian Hibbs’ interview with Neil Gaiman Conducted October 26, 1989 12:30 am
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