News From Neil

Neil’s in seclusion working on the Neverwhere screenplay, and passes this along:

SMOKE & MIRRORS has been handed in. It will be out in the Autumn, along with the paperback of Neverwhere.

It contains five new short stories (although a couple of them will be out in the UK in UK-only anthologies around the time of publication) and over 20 previously uncollected pieces (a number of short stories, and several narrative poems like the three reprinted in the last two years’ YEARS BEST FANTASY AND HORROR).

(No non-fiction, although there’s a 6,000 word introduction.)

The current printing of Angels & Visitations (the 5th) will be the last ever. It was mainly done for and the various chain book shops which seem to have finally discovered that the book exists. Once the remaining copies have been sold that will be that.

Neverwhere’s in its 6th or 7th printing currently (not sure which).