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Lance Smith posted some odd information to

Ben is Dead #29 has an interview with Gaiman and Dave McKean. It’s left over from the Mr Punch tour stop at Golden Apple Comics. It’s a strange combination of the Ben is Dead interview and questions from someone Ben is Dead refers to as Super Fan Boy. It’s a bit odd.

We do get to find out that Gaiman’s favorite Beatle song is “Across the Universe” (as performed by Laibach) and has never tried psychedelics.

It’s an all comix issue and there are a bunch of comic interviews.
Onanothernote, I was reading a review of WorldCon and they had a picture of an Endless entry in the masquerade. The two interesting things about it were that the costume designer took the roll of Despair (a well-padded suit) and noted comic professionals Marv Wolfman and Len Wein took part in the entry. I think the picture is in the February issue of Science Fiction Chronicle.