More Squiddie News

I’m wondering how big Lance Smith’s head is to contain all this information:

The Sandman pocket watch and the Jon Muth Sandman shirt are both out. So trundle on down to your local and check them out.

Vertigo’s Winter’s Edge has been pushed back to December 2. This is the collection with the Death story illustrated by Jeffrey Jones.

The new edition of the hardcover Preludes and Nocturnes has been delayed until next week, 11/18.

If you haven’t picked up a hardcover edition of The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Gold Fish and you want one, you better start looking now. White Wolf is completely sold out. The trade paperback version should be along shortly.

A Fall of Stardust, the Karen Shaffer benefit book, has been reformatted and will be released February 1999. Instead of a comic, the title will be released as a shrink-wrapped portfolio and a chapbook with a new short story by Gaiman. The list of contributors includes William Kaluta, Jill Thompson, Linda Medley, Jeff Smith, Mike Mignola, Michael Zulli, Paul Chadwick, Geoff Darrow, Dave McKean, Moebius, Trina Robbins, Terry Moore, Rebecca Guay, Bryan Talbot, Gary Gianni, Zander Cannon, Sergio Aragones, Stan Sakai, Mark Crilley, Lisa Snellings, Brian Froud, P. Craig Russell and more. Ooch. The portfolio is priced at $12.95

Check out the cover of Impulse #44 out this week.

The Avon Books homepage now has a link to a Smoke and Mirrors page. That page has a link to a somewhat updated Neverwhere page and a copy of Troll Bridge. Here’s the URL to the Smoke page:

Avon also has a page for Stardust. Just an overview at the moment. Visit it at:

Nothing new on the Spike page, but if you want to check, the page is:

Lance Smith, who notes he’s missed Kurt Vonnegut’s birthday