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Carty posted a sidebar from Computer Gaming World’s print review of Morpheus (which has nothing to do with our Morpheus) to

Dreaming In Color

If you’re interested in the god of dreams, Morpheus is the central character in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series of graphic novels, which has nothing to do with the Morpheus game but offers some of the best fantasy available in any medium. {snip snip}

The sidebar then describes:
Dream Country: This isn’t the first Sandman, but it’s where Gaiman really hits his stride. Learn about imprisoned muses, view the dreams of cats, and hang out with Will Shakespeare.

A Game Of You: More bizarre, yet likable, characters than you’ll ever meet this side of a Lewis Carroll novel, featuring a blonde heroine names Barbie, a female rock star (who just wants to settle down), a chillingly practical witch, and a weird villain, the Cuckoo, who attacks victims in their dreams.

The Doll’s House: This can either be read as a fairly straightforward story about serial killers, or as a parable on what to do when you make the wrong choices in life- it’s enlightening, uplifting… and creepy as hell.