Stardust Movie News

Cinescape reports that Miramax has bought the film rights to Stardust (thanks Lucy Anne)

Miramax Takes ‘Stardust’
This week’s edition of Entertainment Weekly reports that Miramax has acquired the big screen rights to Sandman writer Neil Gaiman?s latest book, Stardust. The magazine also reports that Gaiman’s agent is negotiating with Miramax for the rights to Neverwhere as well. Way back on January 28th. Gaiman appeared at a book signing and revealed that Neverwhere was moving smoothly through pre-production, which doesn’t sound like a deal was only pending with Miramax at the time.

Evaine reports that The Hollywood Reporter also says:

NEW YORK — Dimension Films has sprinkled down money for the film and TV rights to “Stardust,” the just-published novel by cult comic book writer Neil Gaiman. Miramax’s genre unit has also signed Gaiman to adapt the book, a Los Angeles Times best-seller described as a fairy tale for grown-ups in the tradition of “The Princess Bride.” “Stardust” follows young Tristran Thorn, who promises his beloved that he will retrieve a fallen star for her from beyond the wall of their home in Victorian England and plunges deep into the forbidden land of Faerie. The book is the latest work from the prolific Gaiman, whose award- winning DC Comics “Sandman” collections have sold more than 750,000 copies.