Stardust Movie!?

Lucy Anne, always competing with Lance for “Gaiman Newshound of the Year”, found this on Ain’t It Cool News:

Hey, Harry. I’m a faithful reader of your site up here in Toronto. Went to see Neil Gaiman at a local book signing. This is the last stop on his book tour to promote STARDUST. After reading from his book, Neil fielded a few questions about some of his properties that Hollywood is developing. SANDMAN is in the hellish clutches of Jon Peters. We know that. And NEVERWHERE is being developed by Jim Henson Productions and Miramax. Looks like it’s a go. Anyway, here’s the real scoop, and Neil told the audience we were the first to hear this. When he was in L.A. on his book tour, he took a meeting with Bob Weinstein of Miramax about NEVERWHERE. Weinstein asked Neil why he seemed so tired. Neil mentioned the grueling multi-city book tour he was doing to promote STARDUST. So Weinstein asked him what this STARDUST was all about. Neil told him the story, and Bob said he was interested in making it into a movie then and there, without even reading the book. Anyway, Neil said that today Weinstein made him an offer that included Gaiman writing the script. Could be extremely cool. Oh, apparently Weinstein said that he wanted Gwyneth Paltrow to play the part of the fallen star in the tale.
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think the most” – Theodore Parker