Cindy Porter found out some tidbits and posted them to alt.fan.neil-gaiman (aka, the altfan.thingie)

Hey! I’ve found two things you might think are nifty…hope someone out there thinks so, too! 🙂

The Tiger Garden: A Book of Writer’s Dreams has a dream of Neil’s…made me wince, not because it wasn’t good (Oh, it was) but because it has scorpions….eeek.

And A Distant Soil number 5 has a picture of Colleen Doran, SIm, Jeff Smith and Neil Gaiman…the reason it was such a neat find is because he was wearing prescription glasses. Now I belive he reads all of those books he says! (Reading is the lovliest thing in the world, but it’s hell on the eyes, ain’t it? Sigh…) All right, I’m silly….but if you keep the things thatt make you happy in your life small, you’ll actually get to be happy once in a while.