I don’t think these newsy bits have appeared here; apologizes if I missed them in the archives. Unfortunately, some are a few months old, but the links seem to still be active

There was another article about a comic writer’s take on World Horror Con on one of the news sites, but I can’t seem to track down the link – please email me if you can help!

  • DCs July soliciations include a “brand new, gold foil enhanced cover” softcover of Dream Hunters, due to ship July 19. ($19.95) More importantly (at least to me) is the fact that the page count looks to be *exactly* the same as the hard cover. So much for making the epilogue obviously imaginary in the next printings. Drat.
    DC July Solitications from Comics Continuum
  • Galadrielle posted a link to some Neil pictures from a meet and greet for Tori (thanks!)
  • Eve found a neat webpage by Steve Alpert at Studio Ghibli about Princess Mononoke and Neil.
    Princess Monoke Report
  • Updates on Corona’s movie info on Death: HCOL and Good Omens
    Death, tje High Cost of Living
    Good Omens
  • Bill Willingham’s _Merv Pumpkinhead, Agent of Dream one-shot info
    PsyComics: March 28, 2000. It has been solicited by DC for October, according to Comics Continuum, and there is an image of the cover at Another Universe.
  • Delay of the Princess Mononoke DVD (and I’ve heard there has been another delay since this point – it’ll be a contest to see whether it comes out before Seeing Ear Theatre’s audiotape of “Murder Mysteries” (
    Daily Buzz for 4/6/00
  • Errata sheet for the Sandman Companion (all it does is id the cover artist as Kent Williams, not Dave McKean):
    Errata for the Sandman Companion
  • The Quotable Sandman submisions info from DC Comics (thanks, Tree!):
    Submission requests
  • Vertigo Visions coffee-table book with art from Sandman and other Vertigo series:
    Vertigo Visions ordering info from Amazon
  • 6 Degrees of Neil Gaiman
  • And last but not least Neil in Peter Jackson’s _Lord of the Rings_ (thank you, Eve!)
    Locus Online