Amano in this season’s Bud Plant catalog

The front cover image on the Summer Bud Plant catalog is from Biten, the new Yoshitaka Amano art collection. Amano did the illustration for Sandman: The Dream Hunters Here’s the entry from the catalog, and thanks to Steve from afng for the head’s up!

By Yoshitaka Amano. Introduction by Neil Gaiman. No one paints langorous, sultry fantasy females like Amano. This oversized art book is a full color journey through the imagination of one of the most popular Japanese illustrators. Collects Amano`s gorgeous works that have decorated science fiction and fantasy novels` covers and pages. All full-page and gorgeously printed in stunning coloring.
Blending traditional Japanese technique and Western themes, his style is quite unique and original–not manga-style but fully painted, fantasy works. Superb costuming and ethereal settings. Contains 10 years of works, including Shishioh and his latest creation, Hero. Japanese and English text. Nudity. Asahi Sonorama, 1999.
RECOMMENDED. Mature Readers–by ordering this item you are stating you are over 18 years of age.
SC, 10×11, 176pg, FC