Video Interview from Dragoncon

If you have access to RealPlayer or Windows Media Player, you should be able to access this Neil interview from the just past DragonCon, courtesy eHobbies (and Nextplanetover). There was also another video interview on the site, but I have no idea where or when it’s from.

Neverwhere movie info updated at Corona Coming Attractions

Corona’s Neverwhere page was updated with the following tidbit from CONvergence.
July 14, 2000… Ah, yes, the anonymous con-goer. We know him well. And he sends us stuff. Like…this: “Neil Gaiman was in Minneapolis this weekend at a convention, and he was (once again) asked about the status of Neverwhere. He said that Andrew Birkin (of the ‘Lost Boys’ miniseries and the movie The Messenger) is currently working on the script, and once it has reached a point that The Powers That Be are happy with, it will be sent to him (Neil) for his opinion. Apparently, it had gotten to the point where Neil felt like he would never stop working on Neverwhere, what with the BBC series, the novel, the American version of the novel, and then multiple scripts.” [The Anonymous Con-Goer has spoken.]

And speaking of CONvergence

The Quotable Sandman To Be Released Separately At Lower Price

From the DC Comics Newsletter:
Originally packed-in with THE SANDMAN MINI-BOOKENDS from DC DIRECT, the 96- page hardcover book entitled THE QUOTABLE SANDMAN will now be offered separately at a lower price of $9.95, instead of its previouslyannounced price of $19.95. The book features many of the wisest, wittiest and most memorable quotations from writer Neil Gaiman’s remarkable series and artwork selected from THE SANDMAN’s entire run.

Nova Express

Lawrence Person posted this to a while back, but Locus Online noted it just came out.

The first half of a long (approximately 15,000 word) interview with Neil Gaiman will appear in the forthcoming Spring/Summer 2000 (Volume 5, Number 3, whole number 19) issue of Nova Express. This half of the interview talks about The Sandman in great detail, as well as Stardust, his relationship with fans, the Goth movement, and his forthcoming novel American Gods. There will also be interpretations of Sandman characters by various Nova Express artists.Other work in this issue includes in-depth articles on Greg Egan and Gene Wolfe, plus the usual dozens of reviews of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and slipstream works.

In the U.S., single issues of Nova Express are $4 postpaid, while 4 issue subscriptions are $12 and 8 issue subscriptions are $20. Foreign subscriptions are $16 for 4 issues in Canada and Mexico, and $22 international. (Inquire for single issue rates outside the U.S.) Send checks to Nova Express, P.O. Box 27231, Austin, Texas, 78755.


Nova Express

Fellow Travellers

Charles Vess has updated his website with info about Neil and Miracle Pictures meeting about the “Land of Laughs” project; he also put up scans of the artwork he did for it.

Speaking of Jonathan Carroll, Joe del Tufo posted information to about a hardcover novella he has written called The Heidelberg Cylinder; the art on the cover is by Dave McKean. For more information, go to

And on a sadder note, Eve found this one:

I found this on the Locus site. It’s by Gene Wolfe for a friend of his named Joe Mayhew. It looks like he was a friend of Neil’s as well.