Ok, it’s off-topic, but I just got back from the X-Men movie, and I have to admit that I loved it.

The direction, acting, script, action, cast, and all the “little bits” fit together into a damned fine movie that stands alone outside of being “an X-Men movie”. Finally, a great comic book adaptation of a movie.

Sandman (or Death or Good Omens or…) fans should be so lucky. Unfortunately, with Hollywood’s limited vision, they’ll react to this movie’s success by thinking “Hmm… superheroes good. Make more, have cheesy fights in tights.” when THIS IS NOT WHAT X-MEN WAS.

Hollywood people, if you happen to visit this page, please realize that X-Men is great because a lot of work went into making it a quality film – and not Hollywood’s idea of “quality” (big explosions, cheesy one-liners and a script put together two weeks after filming began). Good direction, good cast, GOOD SCRIPT. And no Jon Peters, dammit.

Addendum: I’d post my own review, but it’d probably read exactly like Moriarty’s on Ain’t It Cool News. So go there and read his instead. 🙂