Last Angel Tour Tickets

NightWalker cleared up some confusion about the upcoming Last Angel Tour on

Ok, here’s the words straight from the Fund’s mouth:

Portland, is on sale NOW at Ticketmaster.

Los Angeles will be on sale SHORTLY (end of this week) at Ticketmaster only.

They are ONLY using Ticketmaster. According to Jeff at the CBLDF, they are NOT using The Golden Apple comic shop in LA to sell tickets.

….so again, if you’re in/attending Portland, buy them now! If you’re in/attending Los Angeles, try at the end of the week.

Also, the CBLDF could use volunteers for the shows.

Call up the CBLDF at 1-800-99CBLDF and say “Hey, Rev. NightWalker from the newsgroup said you need Volunteers for the Last Angel Tour. How can I help? Put me to work!”