Manuscript Auction to Accompany Gaiman’s Last Angel Tour

This is part of a press release from the CBLDF – if anyone knows
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Over the past ten years, acclaimed author NEIL GAIMAN has gone to great lengths to support the non-profit Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. He has traveled the country, reading from his work and raising money on six GUARDIAN ANGEL TOURS. He has donated his time and talent to create benefit books, comics, videos, and more. He has literally given the CBLDF the shirt off his back, as well as his famed leather jacket, for wildly successful charity auctions. He has done all of this and more to help the Fund protect free speech in comics. Now Gaiman goes one step further.

Gaiman has announced that he will donate his ORIGINAL SCRIPTS for “NEVERWHERE,” the hugely popular television series he created for the BBC. These are the actual BBC shooting scripts for all six episodes of the series, along with Gaiman’s hand-written notes and directions.

Throughout the scripts, there are pages of dialogue that Gaiman re-wrote on the set, as well as many other changes written in his hand. The Neverwhere scripts also include the FIRST 20 PAGES of what would become the “NEVERWHERE” NOVEL, written out in longhand. Gaiman began work on the novel while filming of the television series was underway. “You can actually see all the scribblings out of the first chapter of ‘Neverwhere,'” said Gaiman. Together with the scripts, his original manuscript offers a one-of-a- kind glimpse of the author’s creative process.

And now Gaiman’s actual “Neverwhere” scripts can be yours. The CBLDF will offer the manuscripts on EBAY in a very special auction beginning OCTOBER 16 and coinciding with the launch of Gaiman’s LAST ANGEL TOUR in Chicago. The auction will end OCTOBER 26, just as the tour reaches its conclusion in Los Angeles. In addition to the “Neverwhere” manuscript, the Fund will offer a number of other rare items sure to appeal to fans of Gaiman’s work. All proceeds from the auctions will benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

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