Dark Horizon’s NY Guardian Angel Tour Report

This is from Thursday’s Dark Horizons.
And the David Lynch story was funny. Why ever would someone want to be making a plaster cast of a sink? 🙂

Neil Gaiman’s Next

The fantasy writer did a reading last night in NY and both ‘Matthew’ and ‘Jason’ have reports:

“I was at Neil Gaiman’s “Last Angel” reading in New York City last night and picked up some tidbits for you. Gaiman again confirmed that Gilliam is “signed, sealed and delivered” for Good Omens. He also mentioned that there will never be a sequel to the book, because the first one was about fun and this one would be about money.
The other thing that was brought up was the Death movie, currently at Warner Bros. Gaiman said that the execs at Warners were ticked at him because he promised that he’d start on the script for the film after completing his new book “American Gods” in March. Apparently, he’s still not done with the book, but he is on page thirty seven of the Death movie script which he described as being “essentially Death: The High Cost of Living, but bigger.”

“Last night I attended Neil Gaiman’s NYC stop on his Last Angel Tour, and he did a Q&A session during which he answered a bunch of questions about his various movie projects. Here’s a rundown:

  • He had agreed to get started on the Death movie as soon as he completed his novel, American Gods. That was about six months ago, and he thought it was on the verge of completion when he said that. He’s just completed the first draft of the novel, and says he’s on page 37 of the Death screenplay. He described it as, “The High Cost of Living – only much larger.”
  • Terry Gilliam is set to do Good Omens as soon as he finishes his current movie (Don Quixote, I believe). This is signed, sealed and locked in stone.
  • He just read a draft of the screenplay for The Books of Magic – and he says it’s great.
  • He was working on a strange detective story with David Lynch, although he says he couldn’t keep working on it…David was a little too strange for him. He would like to work with him again in the future, though.”