Last Angel Tour — LA Tickets Still Available!

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From the inkwell discussion with Neil:

Neil Gaiman (neilgaiman) Fri 20 Oct ’00 (01:39 AM):

A brief request — any of you who’ve been to the Chicago or the New York readings:

Get the word out. Tell people you liked them, and how much — particularly tell people in LA or who can go to LA. Spread the word, or post reviews to mailings lists and newsgroups and whatevers.

Between Ticketmaster, and having to change the venue from a sold out 300 seater to a not-sold-out-at-all 600 seat theatre, I’m really concerned that the place will be half empty. And it’s the last one of the tour, and it’s the last tour, and I really want it to go out with a bang.

The new theatre also means there are more premium seats available in LA. — they were also sold out for a while there.

I’m really really pleased with how the first two gigs have gone. I’m sure Portland will be fine (and it’s being filmed for posterity as well). LA’s the wild card, so please, help spread the word.