Omen-ous Gilliam Interview

Danny found a Terry Gilliam interview on IGN Filmforce. Here’s a snippet he posted on

PLUME: So what is your interest now, post-Quixote?

GILLIAM: Tony Grisoni and I are going to be doing Good Omens. I don’t
know if you know the book…

PLUME: That is the one that was talked about possibly being in
conjunction with you a few months ago, wasn’t it?

GILLIAM: Yeah… Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. There is a British
company called Renaissance Films that is handing over some money to us
to write it and hopefully make it after Quixote. It’s a good tale. The
book, on the Web, seems to be, like, the 11th most talked-about sci-fi
book out there… it’s not really sci-fi… it’s about the Antichrist…

PLUME: So you’re making another children’s tale…

GILLIAM: Well that’s it. Exactly. It’s the Angel from the Garden of
Eden and the Serpent from the Garden of Eden – who have now, a thousand
years later, grown soft on humanity. They’re like a couple of
ambassadors to some banana republic, and they’ve been away from their
home countries for a very long time and they’ve gone a bit native.
Unfortunately, the Antichrist is delivered and the whole place is going
to come to an end in a few days – and they don’t really want it to
happen. So that’s what it’s all about.

PLUME: So it will make the perfect Terry Gilliam film…

GILLIAM: It’s got a lot of the elements – the same old elements.

PLUME: Is it surprising how all of these “fan favorites” keep finding
their way to you?

GILLIAM: Yeah. I guess you become a magnet for certain things. I guess
they decide that there’s nobody else out there that is quite on the
same wavelength.