Harlequin Valentine

Thanks to John Parker who caught this news at http://www.paperbackbazaar.com/comicsnews.htm

Best-selling author Neil Gaiman is currently heating up bestseller lists with his new novel, American Gods, but his passion for the medium that helped establish his reputation remains as strong as ever, as will be proven this fall when Dark Horse Maverick presents his newest comics tale, Harlequin Valentine HC ($10.95).

Gaiman’s The Sandman set new standards for mature, sophisticated graphic fiction and charmed readers. His works of fiction outside comics — including American Gods, Neverwhere, and The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish — have garnered favorable notices, and attracted many prose readers into comics shops for more of his visions.

In Harlequin Valentine, Gaiman and illustrator John Bolton will offer a modern re-telling of a classic commedia dell’ arte legend of tomfoolery and hopeless love, the story of the buffoon Harlequin and the beautiful, oblivious Columbine, to whom he has given his heart unsuccessfully. The 40-page book will also contain an eight-page backup feature on the commedia dell’ arte, written by Gaiman and illustrated by Bolton.

The book is scheduled to ship on November 21.