Apologies for updates being few and far between – like myself, my ISP appears to be having a breakdown. Not fun.

If you haven’t already, go pick up or order Heroes. Just be prepared to have to pick up copies for anyone you show it to as well. It’s that sort of comic.

On a related note, Chris Kenny wrote an article on the comic’s new definition of what a hero is in the Massachusetts Daily Collegian

Michael Sangiacomo devoted a recent column in the Plain Dealer to Neil’s miniseries for Marvel and the republishing of Miracleman. There are also articles on the Neil/Marvel teamup at Cinescape and SciFi Wire

From a profile Tori Amos did for the November 22 Rolling Stone

AMERICAN GODS, BY NEIL GAIMAN He’s an inspiring writer and friend.This is a novel about gods that came to America when the Europeans and Africans were settling here. When the people stopped believing in their gods, some of them took jobs as undertakers or gas-station attendants. It’s about a storm brewing and the gods gathering

And finally, on a personal note, congrats and best wishes to my sister, Elaine, and my new brother in law, Tim, on getting married over the weekend. See, good things happen on November 10th. 🙂