American Gods Audio – L.A. Times

From “Audio Books; Fantasies, Mysteries and Nonfiction Perk Up the Ears of Audiophiles” by Rochelle O’Gorman in the Dec. 17 LA Times:

…If fantasy is the genre that makes your favorite audiophile smile, consider the latest from Neil Gaiman, the author of such strange and intriguing novels as “Neverwhere” and “Stardust.” His latest unusual and graphic tale involves ancient deities, genies, leprechauns, ghosts and confused humans. “American Gods” is a supernatural road trip in which a recently released felon finds himself aiding and abetting a race of dying gods from the Old World who came to this country with our ancestors. (Harper Audio; unabridged fiction; 14 cassettes; 20 hours; $44.95; read by George Guidall.)

Putting up one last fight, these forgotten gods pit themselves against new idols worshiped at alters set before television sets and shopping malls. Guidall, another favorite among audio book listeners, enhances the production with his resonant voice and the ease with which he adopts accents and various personalities…