Neil in Sketch #14

Bill Baker, comics journalist sends this note along:

I thought you and your readers might want to know that an extended interview with Neil about his writing and creative process will be hitting the stands next week in Sketch #14. In our 90 minute chat, Neil covered a great deal of territory including how, when and why he became interested in storytelling, how he develops a tale, what kind of influence a particular artist might have upon his process and the results, as well as what he gets from the act of creation. All of this and much, much more — including a look at his ashcans for the Sandman comic series and several pages of his long hand manuscripts for Stardust and the forthcoming Coraline — can be found in the issue.

Sketch #14 can be purchased at any comic shop, online via a wide variety of sources [Dreamhaven books has stocked up on this issue, I believe], or directly from the publisher at through the Sketch links there.