There’s an excerpt of the Neil interview from Sketch magazine online

Fox News ran a story on girl friendly comics, singling out the Sandman series.

Comicon’s Splash page includes a really well written, comics-oriented take on BookExpo America.

Bud Plant has a number of Neil related things on sale, including two Charles Vess prints from Stardust (The Power of Storm Hold, The Witch-Woman Cracked Her Whip), the Dream Hunters hardcover, the Incarnations figures, and the Sandman Companion hardcover.

There’s info on the special edition of Coraline in the May Previews (actually there’s a whole Neil section on the order form on p. 46, listing all the HarperCollins books)

According to the April issue of “Busted”, Neil is now on the board of directors of the CBLDF (apologies if that’s an older bit of news – somehow I ended up in their database as Randi Watson. If they have me confused with this person, I’ll be very bemused.)

And finally, William from posted the following info from an interview with Karen Berger on Newsarama:
Newsarama: Let us run a few names by you, ask you about what some of their future plans with Vertigo may be…Neil Gaiman – can you give us an update on his Endless book in the works and do you and he have any future plans together?

Berger: “The Sandman: Endless Nights – Neil’s new Sandman graphic novel is going to be huge for us. It’s Neil better than he’s ever been, joined by an astonishing international lineup of artists: Moebius on Destiny, Milo Manara on Desire, P. Craig Russell on Death, Bill Sienkiewicz on Delirium, Miguelanxo Prado on Dream, Liberatore on Destruction, and Barron Storey on Despair. Nothing definite to announce just yet on future stuff, but give us time…”

You can find the full interview here