The American Gods paperback debuts at #3 on the Independent Bestsellers list.

This should be the link to the next round of Locus bestsellers, which should collect the American Gods paperback rankings from most of the major bestseller lists. I am unsure as to when it will go live, but imagine it will be in the next few days

Publishers Weekly has posted a few BEA related articles mentioning Neil, including one on graphic novels, and one on children’s books; they also ran the following piece back on April 22:

Gaiman in 3-Book Morrow/Avon Deal
Author Neil Gaiman, who made a big success with his Sandman graphic novels and whose American Gods was a 2001 bestseller, has signed a three-book deal with executive editor Jennifer Hershey at Morrow/Avon, who had published his first work. She signed for two new novels and a book of short stories with agent Merilee Heifetz at Writers House. The North American deal includes audio. Gaiman is also the author of a children’s book, Coraline, due this summer, and is at work on several movie projects.

Speaking of BEA, I’m not finding advanced copies of Coraline yet in NYC, at least at the usual suspect. Hopefully that means they’re being read.