DarkEcho Horror

From MJ Rose’s May 14th column from Wired:

Horrors redux: Paula Guran will re-launch her horror and dark literature site, DarkEcho Horror. It includes scores of professional book reviews, articles and interviews with authors such as of Clive Barker, Peter Straub, Neil Gaiman and Joyce Carol Oates.

Guran’s own award-winning e-mail newsletter, print magazine Cemetery Dance, and the PDF magazine The Spook will also be online at DarkEcho Horror.

Two Neil interviews are posted,Pretty Decent/ American Gods, originally in the July 2001 edition of PDF format magazine, The Spook, and We Tell the Lies That Tell The Truth/Stardust, originally published in HorrorOnline in 1999.

Also, the American Gods paperback is again #3 on the new Independent Bestseller list, and #5 on the Salon/Powells bestseller list. It’s also starting to show up in newsstand best seller racks, at least in NYC, which is a strange and neat thing.