Bear with. I’m going to try to make this not sound like a livejournal post, but it may wander there.

Went trying to find a dimly remembered webpage from a school where Neil was an alumni from via a BBCi search (which, if I’m understanding the About article properly is a Google UK variation), but came up blank.

Which is not to say there weren’t an enormous number of results – I could fill an entire web page with just links to book reviews from the UK, I think – but just not that one.

These seemed the most Dreaming relevant, and hopefully I am not simply stealing links:

  • Bloombury’s children’s author page for Neil
  • Paul Brazier’s pictures from the American Gods launch party.
  • Anne Gay’s Stardust interview for Tiscali
  • Stardust Memories, an interview that originally appeared in “Prism”, Nov/Dec 1999
  • A Neverwhere related interview from Cold Pint
  • There was also an odd Neil reference in Wendy Graham’s review of Dune in the Read Out archive of FTL magazine, a number of fun things that came up in the Ansible newsletter archives (like this one from Sept. 94), and a photo of Neil’s aunt from a production of Noises Off.

    But the point is, yes, I know that while I’m catching the news, I’m missing the webstuffs and the magazines articles. Any help with finding info is desired, appreciated, and will be credited.

    Many thanks – la