Damages Portion of Trial Over

ICV2 is reporting that the damages phase of the Gaiman v. McFarlane trial is over. I’ll let you read the article for specifics, but here’s the paragraph that made me smile:

The trial ended with a bizarre, almost surreal scene of camaraderie between the two adversaries, who both comported themselves with great civility and showed considerable mutual respect, at least in a creative sense, throughout the entire proceedings. After Judge Shabaz dismissed the jury and adjourned the court, McFarlane caught up with Gaiman outside the courtroom. With one of the Spawn comics that had been used as an exhibit in the trial in his hand he asked Gaiman to sign it for a young boy who was in the courtroom with one of McFarlane’s attorneys. McFarlane signed the comic and handed it to Gaiman saying, “I saved you the sweet spot.” Gaiman signed and posed for a picture with McFarlane and the boy, providing a fitting coda to a case about a medium that is, after all, about entertainment and fun.