Yes, it’s trivial, but fun. From the
Globe and Mail:
…When I was talking to the popular British author Neil Gaiman (his latest novel is Coraline), I whipped out my Mont Blanc to have him inscribe a copy of his book for me.

“Ahhh, a pen man, I see,” Gaiman said. “Check this out, brother.” With that, he pulled out a big Waterman fountain pen and handed it to me. I weighed it in my hand, raising my eyebrows at the heaviness.

“May I?” I asked.

“By all means.”

I took out my notebook and wrote a few words. We then returned our beloved writing instruments and proceeded to talk about pens for the next 20 minutes…

Full cite: Christopher Heard; “Watches and pens: It’s a guy thing”: Globe and Mail; October 19, 2002; p.L6.