From teacher Holly Atkins’ June 23rd St. Petersburg Times article on Hot Reads for a Cool Summer:
Reader Profile – If you are:

  • A male or female age 8 and up
  • And you like poking around in your grandmother’s look-but-don’t-touch sitting room
  • And you think – make that know – you’ve got the most boring life with the most boring parents who serve you the most boring food
  • Then “Hot Reads for a Cool Summer” recommends:
    Coraline by Neil Gaiman, read by the author. The CD version of this novel, a 2003 Audie Award finalist, is soooooo cool! Same creepy cover as the book, plus awesome graphics on each CD and original music by the Gothic Archies. Graphic novelist Gaiman’s deep-toned British accent wraps around your head and pulls you into a world that young Coraline discovers behind the parlor door.

    The button-eyed “other” mother with her disgustingly long fingernails tap, tap, tapping on the table will creep you out like you won’t believe! Warning: This may not be the best choice to help lull you to sleep at night.

    Got a younger brother or sister at home? Gaiman paired up with illustrator Dave McKean to create The Day I Swapped My Dad for 2 Goldfish. This ultracool, quirky graphic short story for 4- to 8-year-olds (ah, heck, this is great for everyone with a sense of humor) will end up being the most begged-for bedtime book on the shelf.

    Older teens and adults should check out Gaiman’s graphic novels (yeah, they look like comic books, but they’re so much more; definitely not for the younger set). The Sandman series is one of Gaiman’s most popular.


    The American Gods hardcover is now at the very affordable price of $6.99 from Amazon


    This may have been posted previously; it’s from This Week magazine for March 7, 2003.
    Best Books … chosen by Neil Gaiman


    On the June 23rd Talk of the Nation from National Public Radio, American Gods was a listener suggestion for summer reading; host Neal Conan mentioned Neil would be on the program in August.


    From a July 2003 article for Better Homes and Gardens on summer activities:
    …Here are a few ways to create a springboard for lots of activities.

    Pick one book … Children’s books are usually short enough to read during your meeting. Because reading ability varies widely among kids, let the adults have a little fun. Neil Gaiman, award-winning fantasy writer and author of the forthcoming The Wolves in the Walls, still reads to daughter Maddy (even though the 8-year-old can certainly read on her own, thank you very much). Take turns reading pages using your best funny voices and accents, or you can each pick a character and read just those quotes. “Act. Be a ham,” says Gaiman. “You’ll have an appreciative audience.”

    Michael Sangiacomo has coverage of the History Channel special in his Cleveland Plain Dealer column, and Mark Hughes Cobb reported on Rock City in the June 21st Tuscaloosa News.