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From Comicon Pulse:

New York Times best-selling author and comic book legend Neil Gaiman’s long-awaited Marvel Knights limited series 1602 is just a little more just 3 weeks away, set to debut on August 13th. Featuring art by the ORIGIN team of Andy Kubert and Richard Isanove – with cardstock covers by Scott McKowen – the 8-issue series takes place in the year 1602, in the final days of the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. But if the series is set 400 years in the past, how are familiar contemporary Marvel Universe stars like Nick Fury, Daredevil, Dr. Strange and the X-Men exerting great influence over those times?

According to Gaiman, that’s the question at the heart of his story…

“Although 1602 will look at first glance like a ‘What If…?’ story, it actually isn’t,” Gaiman said during a recent Marvel press conference. “If you read it much more as a puzzle and an adventure, things will become more apparent as the story goes on. We’ll learn how the world got this way, whether we can get it back, and what it means.”

But in addition to being tremendously satisfying for long-time fans of the Marvel Universe, Gaiman also wrote the series as a fun, all-ages romp – created to be highly accessible and appeal to Marvel fans as well as those who don’t know a Spider-Man from a Black Widow.

The 40-page Marvel 1602 #1 (JUN031581, $3.50) goes on sale 8/13 and retailers are reminded its Final Order Cut-off date (FOC) is 7/24. Readers, ask your retailers to reserve you a copy.

Look for color preview art from 1602 later this week, and attached are several character sketches from Andy Kubert featuring some faces that should be familiar to most comic book fans, and a few that may or may not be familiar faces…


From Jonah Weiland’s roundup of day four ComicCon news at Comic Book Resources:
Neil Gaiman spoke on the subject of Miracleman at his panel with Dave McKean on Sunday:

“We know that [holding company] Marvels & Miracles … has at least a third share of Miracleman,” Gaiman said. “We’re planning on bringing the Miracleman stuff back into print.”

In addition, look for a Randy Bowen Miracleman bust “mostly because Todd is doing an ugly Miracleman statue, so we said ‘well, let’s make a nice one.'”

As for who actually owns the character at this point, it’s a tough one, but there’s good news for Gaiman-supporters.

“One of the things that came out of the end of the court case last year is that we couldn’t tell if Todd actually owned any pieces of Miracleman or not. We thought he did, until we got access to all the legal papers.”

Those who think Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean are a little tough on parents in their children’s books will be glad to know they plan on giving parents some equal time in a future children’s book, to be called Fortunately, the Milk.

“I felt so sorry for the dad in The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish that I wanted to do a book about the dad and all the cool stuff he’d done,” Gaiman said in a panel Sunday.

Work hasn’t begun on the book, but the duo plan to do it “one day.”

Hopefully that means it will find it’s way out of Lucien’s collections sooner rather than later. There’s still enough projects filed under Gaiman to fill a few shelves, though.