“I can say that smiling, because I haven’t just had to make a $100 million movie for $4 million, but Dave was about three foot taller than he is now, and had hair.”

And that’s only one of the numerous quotable lines in Rob Worley’s rather length piece about the MirrorMask presentation at Comicon. The Comic Book Resources article includes new images as well.

Rob Worley also posted to CBR about the press conference in which Neil discussed projects ranging from Miracleman to The Graveyard Book, but focusing on 1602. It included this quote from Neil:

“The premise of ‘1602’ is as follows: It’s 400 years ago and the Marvel universe, for reasons that we do not know when we begin, has started occurring 400 years early. It’s not an Elseworlds. It’s not a ‘What If.’ It’s actually happening and it will have some spillover into the real Marvel Universe,” he said, adding that the series would make some alterations to the universe.


More teasers for 1602 have been posted at ComicCon Pulse, including a number of preview pages.


And it’s a pretty good week in terms of audience numbers when Neil not only gets mentioned in People, but in Time as well (albeit that’s only online), as part of their roundup of ComicCon coverage.

And yes, I fully appreciate the wonder of being able to say “Time magazine” and “ComicCon coverage” in the same sentence.