Rambly bits

You know you’ve had a long day when you get home from an author’s signing later than the author has. Which is why he beat me to posting that Coraline is up for a Best Novella World Fantasy Award, which is very cool.

(Bad news gatherer. No biscuit)

Anyway, the Borders Wall Street signing was lovely, at least from a crowd perspective, and Daryl and the rest of the folks there should be very happy with themselves for all the work they had done to make it so.

And yes, Neil has indeed managed to do a job on his tongue (he stuck it out often enough to demonstrate the damage) but did a fine reading of Wolves in the Walls, without once sounding like a James Bond villain.

Also got to look thru a galley of Endless Nights. Wow. and wow. And god, that’s is absolutely gorgeous. You want this. Trust me.

Oddest Q&A question was either “What’s your favorite font?” or “…but…where’s the rum?!?”, the later having the funnier answer.

And now to sleep, before I start really wondering whether or not a Mini Cooper is capable of smiling.


ObNewsybit: The Centre Daily Times reposted a very intelligent article on graphic novels that Jerome Weeks had originally published in the Dallas Morning News