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From a Washington Post online chat yesterday:
SciFiGirl: …On a secondary note, (because one day you’re going to kibosh the Neil Gaiman talk as you did Jane Austen and Plum), Gaiman’s new comic 1602 is out (though good luck getting it! My local shops were sold out of it), and it is a great re-imagining of the Marvel universe. Plus the artwork is absolutely beautiful.

Thank you for allowing me to out myself as a total geek among the more erudite members of this discussion group.

Michael Dirda: Total geek–never. All good points. Neil, you know, was supposed to be the co-guest with Terry Pratchett at the end of next month for the Post Book Club “public conversation” on Good Omens. But since Neil has had to cancel–probably, there’s still a small chance he might make it–I’ll use the occasion to veer off into Discworld. Still, I didn’t know it would be so hard to find the Sandman.
Neil, by the way, gave a blurb to An Open Book, but for various complicated reasons we weren’t able to use it.

On a somewhat related note, an audio adaption of Pratchett’s The Amazing Maurice & His Educated Rodents will streaming on BBC Radio 4 on Saturday from 14:30-15:30. (If my math is correct, that is 9:30am EST)