Neverwhere Review – Entertainment Weekly

From the September 19th Entertainment Weekly
No good deed goes unpunished, or so corporate drone Richard Mayhew (Bakewell) discovers when he comes to the aid of a pretty young wastrel who goes only by the name of Door (Fraser). Richard gets sucked into London Below, a mystical metropolis where scoundrels with hair extensions trade noble deeds for favors and angels sponsor treasure hunts. A fully realized world this is, from comics demigod Neil Gaiman, who created the shot-on-video miniseries for the BBC. But despite all the brilliant nuggets of ideas, one can’t help but be struck by how much Neverwhere feels like a really long episode of Beauty and the Beast.
EXTRAS Gaiman’s commentary goes down easy–as do so many things when delivered with a British accent–but it’s somewhat devoid of production factoids. Then again, he was the writer.
B –Marc Bernardin