Sam Hodges wrote about the Novello Festival in today’s Charlotte Herald; unfortunately the article is not online.

An excerpt:

[Neil] Gaiman, author of the cult-favorite “Sandman” comics series, has created perhaps the biggest buzz of this year’s festival.

Like [John] Grisham, he limits public appearances. But once he committed to Novello, he began talking up the event on his Web site. [Rita] Rouse, [a spokesperson for the Public Library of Charlotte] said ticket inquires for Gaiman’s event have been coming in from all over the country.

Why is Gaiman, author of children’s books, fantasy novels and thrillers as well as graphic novels, coming to Charlotte?

“The Novello people asked first and asked nicely,” he said by phone.

Again, the Observer is saying tickets to the “Evening with Neil Gaiman” are close to selling out; the event takes place on Saturday, October 18, at 7:30 p.m. EST.


Michael Dirda’s Washington Post Book Club chat about Good Omens is far to long to post here but is a delightful read, as is his regular weekly chat from September 25th, after the Terry Pratchett discussion/signing.

An excerpt from the later:

Lenexa, Kan.: I was hoping for a recap of the Pratchett interview (How they teamed? Would they do it again?)…

Michael Dirda: Terry said that he and Neil Gaiman have talked occasionally about a Good Omens II, but both have such active careers now it’s a long shot. They did want to have a scene in which their good and bad angels go up to heaven and have to sit in a waiting room before admittance. Then they go down to hell and have to sit in a waiting room too. The kicker is that the waiting rooms are the same, with different muzak piped in.

Unfortunately there’s no transcript available from the event itself; hopefully that will change.


From the 29 September Diari Avui, a profile in Catalan by Xavier Cester.


From the 26 September Dagsavisen, a profile in Norwegian with a strange picture.

Seems to be the week for that.