Eleven10 and such….

With many, many thanks to the userinfoeleven10 comoderators userinfodarksong, userinfoiliadawry and userinforagdoll for work above and beyond the call (you guys rock), userinfoenrobso for having the good sense to convince me it wasn’t a stupid idea AND becoming the overnight moderator at the 13th hour, userinfodbborroughs for letting me curse at his computer trying to figure out the finer points of setting up a community, Pam for getting word out to the Wellies, Michelle for getting the word out to the Thingies, GMZoe for doing a last minute reminder for the folks on the message boards, and everyone else who took time out to help, participate, or otherwise lend support.

Unfortunately, because of the incredible response, we’re going to have to stop taking posts at noon EST on November 11th. Apologies.