Neverwhere (DVD) Review – Library Journal

Linda Frederiksen reported the following review of the Neverwhere DVD to the November 15 Library Journal:

Fans of genre writer Gaiman should enjoy this DVD release of the miniseries that originally aired on the BBC in 1996. The six-part fantasy tells the story of mild-mannered Londoner Richard Mayhew, who, after coming to the aid of a wounded homeless woman, enters the dark and violent underground world of London Below. While the woman, Door, tries to escape capture by a pair of menacing, murderous brothers and searches for the killers of her family, Richard tries to make sense of this forbidding subterranean environment and regain his own lost identity. Shot on location in the sewers, alleys, and subway stations of London, with video equipment, theatrical performances by the supporting actors, and limited special effects, the film resembles a live-action comic book, the literary form for which Gaiman is most widely known. The author of graphic novels, children’s books, and The Sandman comic book series, the author also wrote a best-selling novel based on the screenplay for this series. Bonus DVD features include audio commentary by the author describing the filming of the story, short character descriptions, a photo gallery of stills from the series, a biography, and a television interview with Gaiman. The film is intended for mature juveniles, young adults, and adult viewers.