Website review – School Library Journal

Bina Williams reported the following website review to the November 2003 School Library Journal:

Neil Gaiman. Personal site. (Accessed 9/08/03).

Gr 7-12 –The graphic novel has gained new sophistication and popularity due to the talents of Neil Gaiman. In addition, he has penned the eerie novel, Coraline, and the intriguing new picture book, Wolves in the Walls. The Web site focuses more on Gaiman’s fantasies, graphic novels, comic books and e-books, but does link to which includes Coraline e-cards and screensavers among other things. Plenty of audio clips, animations, videos of readings, and photos should keep browsers busy. While maintaining that edgy look that appeals to young adults, practical concerns are met by an easy-to-find site map and a search option. Gaiman’s online journal takes users along on his adventures and includes commentary from them as well as from the author himself. Message boards are extremely active. Essays abound about everything from Terry Gilliam to “All Books Have Gender.” A great site for older students who are Gaiman fans.

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