From Diane Werts’ television column in today’s Newsday:

Neverwhere: Fans of fantasy and cult writer Neil Gaiman (The Sandman) can savor his evocative 1996 BBC hallucination of a parallel universe called London Below. A ‘normal, boring’ office functionary finds himself trapped there, navigating the dank Underground to return to the ‘upworld.’ Along his colorfully dangerous path, we meet talking rats, angels and peculiar human characters, all portrayed with the videotape intimacy of ‘Doctor Who.’ Gaiman confesses in a half-hour interview this chaotically colorful universe is ‘how it always looks in the inside of my head.’ (Six half-hours on two discs, Gaiman commentary throughout, no captions. A and E, $40)

And yes, that’s really and truly from the print Newsday, not the AP feed off the website this time. Which meant I got to happily go squee about it in front of company at Thanksgiving. Hopefully they’ll forgive me.

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