New Dimension Comics appearance

All the Rage is reporting the following; as with all rumour columns, mind the source:

[Silver Bullet Comics] contributor, Michael T. Deeley sent in the following report from Neil Gaiman’s recent appearance at New Dimension Comics in Pittsburgh:

  • Marvel will reprint Miracleman and Neil’s conclusion to his story within the next 18 months pending the conclusion of contract negotiations. “We’re dotting i’s and crossing t’s.” Neither he nor Quesada have decided what his next project at Marvel will be.
  • The movie MirrorMask, which he wrote and Dave McKean directed, is in post-production. Neil’s just finishing the movie script book, which he described as practically a graphic novel. MirrorMask has been submitted to the Sundance festival, and will hopefully premiere there in January, followed by a limited release in early spring.
  • Good Omens will not be turned into a movie with Terry Gilliam as director. Terry Gilliam couldn’t find a studio willing to do a comedy about the end of the world after 9/11. Johnny Depp was slated to play Crowley. The film company is talking to other directors.
  • Death is going through at New Line Cinema. Neil just got notes from the studio. Some big stars are interested in appearing in it, but he’s not allowed to say who.