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ITEM! Fiddler’s Green This Weekend

This weekend Fiddler’s Green, a celebration of Neil Gaiman’s
masterwork The Sandman will take place in Minneapolis. Gaiman and guests of honor Karen Berger, Charles Vess, Todd Klein, Caitlin R. Kiernan, and Jill Thompson will be conducing panel discussions and mingling with the select group of fans and enthusiasts who come out to the convention. Other events occurring will include an auction on Saturday night, a masquerade, and art show. All proceeds from the auction and profits from the weekend will benefit the CBLDF.

Tickets are still available for the event. Membership for the full weekend is $120; Friday only $50; Saturday only $75, and Sunday only is $50. All memberships will include a copy of the exclusive Fiddler’s Green Souvenir Book, which has a never before published, full-color Dave McKean cover, originally made for a special sketchbook for Neil Gaiman when he moved from England to the U.S, several of the sketches in that gift book, drawn for Neil by Sandman artists and other friends, and Neil Gaiman’s full original script of Sandman #70 “The Wake: Chapter One”. The Souvenir Book will also include articles by and about, interviews with, and art by, the Fiddler’s Green Guests of Honor, as wel l as text and art contributions from many Sandman creators and friends.

Major program items include a reading by Neil Gaiman, a panel on the movie MirrorMask, a CBLDF benefit auction, a masquerade ball, an art show and auction, program panels, autograph sessions (including DreamHaven’s Shoggoth’s Old Peculiar limited edition chapbook release party at Fiddler’s Green with writer Neil Gaiman and illustrator Jouni Koponen there to sign copies), and more.

Auction items include: a boxed limited edition of Adventures in the Dream Trade; an author’s preferred edition of American Gods; Original pages from Jill Thompson’s At Death’s Door; A Neil Rat by Lisa Snellings-Clark; The Endless’ Doc Martens (boots) series by Maureen M. McCarty just to name a few. Also included are paintings and sketches by an astonishing collection of artists.

If you’re in Minneapolis this weekend, you’ve got a perfect
opportunity to explore the magic of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman at
Fiddler’s Green!

For more information visit http://www.fiddlersgreencon.com

ITEM! Sim/Gaiman Auction on Ebay

Running in conjunction with Fiddler’s Green is an auction run by the Beguiling to benefit the CBLDF of “Lithograph No. 1: Neil Gaiman” Only 50 copies of the piece have been produced of which Neil Gaiman and Dave Sim have signed and numbered only 2: “#1/50” and “#2/50” and both have written the year, “2004”, adjacent to their respective signatures.

“#1/50” is being auctioned on eBay with the auction closing Friday November 12, 2004 and all proceeds going to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. The #2/50 is being raffled at the Fiddler’s Green Sandman Convention the next day.

In the event that neither has been completed by those dates, they will be FedExed to the winning recipients.

Of those pieces which remain, Sim and Gaiman will both sign-and Neil Gaiman will complete-one copy in November of each year (i.e. #3/50 in 2005; #4/50 in 2006) which will then be auctioned on eBay to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, by way of illustrating in as pointed a fashion as possible that even though Dave Sim and Neil Gaiman are at diametric opposite poles on the political spectrum, they will always be on good enough terms, personally, to cooperate in jointly supporting the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.

Bid on the first of this historic series until Saturday at

ITEM! Fiddler’s Green on Ebay

If you can’t make it to Fiddler’s Green you can still participate in the con by bidding on the CBLDF auction running now on eBay. Bid on rarities including the Neil Gaiman Thingie t-shirt, limited to 12 pieces; 1602 #1, CGC Graded 9.6; Neil’s first hard-to-find books Duran Duran and Ghastly Beyond Belief; an original hardcover edition of Mr. Punch; and a copy of The Dangerous Alphabet, Neil’s limited edition Christmas scroll.

Bid on these items until Wednesday on eBay by clicking:

Word has it this is the last of the Thingie T-shirts, so once this one is gone, they’re all gone.

And yes, you want a copy of The Dangerous Alphabet. Really.