Nota Bene

Happy holidays to one and all!

The last six or so months have been fairly quiet, coverage-wise. Not that there have not been mentions, but they have been brief and non-descript, on the whole, almost as if we were talking about an adjective, rather than an author.*

Because so little “breaking” news has been happening, and the fact that people tend to use this site for archival purposes, you might notice that previous entries (especially reviews) have had newer information on the same subjects added to it at later times. This is an attempt to force topics to index together, so that you will not have to be searching through tens of entries when one or two will do.

On the odd chance we break news before the Journal does, obviously it will get it’s own entry.

If this gets confusing, let me know.

*This all is, of course, discounting the fact that a good part of the mentions in the past four months could have been removed by adding the phrase “and not Susanna Clarke” to the searches. But with a blurb like his and a book like hers, it’s to be expected. And yes, you should go see her if you get a chance; her reading at South St. Seaport was delightful.