Clippings…from Eden and Elsewhere

Along with letting us know about the interview in the Winter 2004 issue of Gothic Beauty way back on the 5th, Eden writes to let us know about PopMatter’s review of A Short Film About John Bolton.


Rochelle O’Gorman has this to say about the audio adaption of Monarch of the Glen from Legends II – Volume 3 in the February 6th Boston Globe:

In the case of Gaiman’s ”The Monarch of the Glen,” his character Shadow from ”American Gods” is traveling through a craggy and remote Scottish village. This is the best of the three if only because it sounds the most complete as a stand-alone story. Narrator Michael Emerson conjures up a strong Scottish accent and several other British voices. Of the three tales, this is the one that lingers, leaving the listener wanting more.

She also has this to say about the version of Chivalry which is on Selected Shorts, Volume XVIII from Symphony Space:

The best in this collection of seven stories is ”Chivalry,” by Neil Gaiman. The idea is very simple: A widow finds the Holy Grail in an Oxfam shop and decides it will look perfect on her mantel. All is well until Sir Galahad turns up on her doorstep, hoping to complete his quest in her modest living room. Unfortunately, this smart and sweet little gem is paired with the weakest reader in the bunch, actress Christina Pickles, who fumbles too often and does not sound prepared.


NB: While deciding to keep all of the clips on certain subjects together is probably all fine, well and good when you want to search for items later, it does mean that I have a tendency to wait until there’s enough news on a subject to warrant an entry.

Which apparently means it just sits in various inboxes collecting dust until it shows up in Neil’s journal and I find myself banging my head against the keyboard that I’ve missed it.

So I’m going back to the old method. Yes, items may very well move after they are initially posted as ‘Clippings’, but at least this will stay a bit more current than it has.

At least I hope so.