The Beat talks briefly about a screening of MirrorMask and posts some beautiful images from the movie.

CBR reports that Greg Pak will be writing Marvel 1602: New World, a five issue follow-up to 1602.

Library Journal reviews A Short Film About John Bolton in their June 1, 2005 issue.

More on Guys Read, from a Jon Scieszka interview by Gordon McAlpin at Bookslut:

GA: I was actually at the [Science Fiction Writers of America’s] Nebula awards the other day, and Neil Gaiman gave the keynote [in part about how science fiction has become more accepted by the mainstream]. I noticed that he and Dave McKean both contributed to Guys Write for Guys Read.

JS: Yeah, you know, and they were so cool about it, because I just contacted them by e-mail without having met either one of them, and they both just instantly said, “Oh yeah, this is a good thing. Spread the word around.” They got it right away that they should be in a collection like this, that includes those literary guys from a different generation like Lloyd Alexander, or Avi, who writes the realistic fiction that the librarians love. That’s why I talked to Dav Pilkey — the Captain Underpants guy — and Matt Groening. I said, “You guys have to be in there. This is what teachers and librarians need to see: that you are on equal footing with this stuff.” So I was so excited that those guys agreed.

And Superhero Hype has posted information about the new Mirrormask trailer.

Other than that, things are quiet.