In no particular order…


  • Hollywood Reporter
  • Chicago Tribune
  • E!Online
  • Independent
  • Fangoria
  • Comic-Con 2005 Video Blog: Michael Polis
  • First Amendment Project:

  • Red Herring
  • Associated Press
  • ZDnet
  • Guardian
  • Daytona Beach News Journal
  • Auctionbytes
  • Mirrormask:

  • New York Daily News
  • Empire (McKean interview, also on Signal to Noise)
  • Time Out UK (There’s also a short article in the current Time Out New York, but I need to get a hard copy)
  • Glasgow Herald
  • Sphyinx Cat
  • Blogcritics
  • Anansi Boys:

  • The Herald (a review, of sorts, from Manda Scott
  • Barnes & Noble, complete with reviews and notes
  • Hill House special edition
  • Harper Collins
  • Powell’s (autographed 1st edition)
  • And Deady the Evil Teddy for good measure.

    Real update soonish, hopefully. In the meanwhile, this made me chuckle.