The Barnes and Noble Union Square signing

There will be a longer post later, assuming between myself and Reg we can make out the chicken scrawl that is my handwriting. Hopefully a quick summary will suffice for now.

Neil read the dedication and a piece of the first chapter of Anansi Boys, psychically predicted the first three questions we would ask by explaining the status of the Good Omens, Death and Me (nee Death: The High Cost of Living), and Beowulf films, and then took questions from the audience, the most newsworthy being the announcement that the second of Neil’s two Marvel projects (1602 was the first) will be The Eternals.

Guidelines as to how the lines at the B&N Union Square signing were going to be handled were bent to the point where they ended up tattered and waving in the breeze, and the protocol of not taking pictures with the author in order to expedite the line lasted about ten minutes. Our guess is that this may well have been at the request of the signer. Regardless, no one in the queue, or with the wristbands waiting to be called to get their items signed, seemed particuarly upset by the delays; they simply chatted with their neighbors or read their books.

In other words, somewhere in the middle of a Barnes and Noble Bookstore event, a Neil Gaiman signing broke out, and was a pleasure to attend as a signee.

The downside of this, of course, is that its 1:30 AM EST, and I’m concerned that our friend with the fountain pens is still signing away. And this was only Day One.

Other clippings of note:

  • Newsarama’s mention of The Eternals project.
  • An interview at
  • And Locus noting that Anansi Boys has debuted on the Amazon and Amazon UK bestseller lists
  • .

    And now, I am being chased off to bed. Night all.