Anansi Boys Review – Christian Science Monitor

From the September 23, 2005 Christian Science Monitor:

Charlie Nancy is an easily embarrassed London accountant in this sort-of sequel to Gaiman’s “American Gods,” winner of the Hugo and Nebula awards. Attending his father’s funeral, Charlie discovers two disconcerting facts:
1) His dad was actually Anansi, an African trickster god; and
2) Charlie has a brother, Spider, who’s inherited some of his dad’s powers.
When Spider comes to visit, he proceeds to seduce Charlie’s fiancĂ©e and get Charlie fired from his (admittedly horrible) job. Then things start getting out of control. The genre-busting novel is very creative and very funny, two Gaiman specialties. Its sweep is less epic than “American Gods,” but it works well on its own terms. Grade: A-

–Yvonne Zipp