Yet another placeholder for a clippings post. Sorry

What Jessa said: WNYC’s Studio 360 has an audio interview (that’s what you were listening to at Penn Station the other day, Steve), and Nerve has a Mirrormask-based interview with Neil and Dave McKean.

And the morning e-mail brought in this note from Susan Dunman:

SF Site has posted a review of the the audiobook at There’s a brief print blurb and a link to the mp3 audio review which includes clips from the audiobook.

Yes, I’m the one who wrote the review, but I’m not sending this in for that reason. Folks need to know how good this audiobook is. I’ve reviewed audiobooks for various publications for years, and Anansi Boys has moved into my list of top 5 books you should hear as well as read. The clips in the audio section try to highlight Lenny Henry’s work and we have permission from HarperAudio to include those clips in the review.

And given what I heard of the audiobook (they played it over the speaker system at the B&N Union Square signing) I can’t argue with that.