Stardust Film Casting

ETA: March 7 – Looks official to me.

Reuters/THR has posted information on the Stardust casting – along with Claire Daines as Yvaine and Charlie Cox as Tristran, Sienna Miller has been cast as Victoria, Michelle Pfeiffer as Madame Semele, and Robert De Niro as Captain Alberic.

And if I’ve muffed the names, blame it on my slightly addled memory, rather than the Reuters/THR folks – they only described the roles, rather than named them.

Usually, when it’s from AICN, I’m likely to question the source (and we still should until something official pops up), but this one has two points in it’s favor.

First off, Moriaty’s doing the posting. And second, remember when Neil posted on the casting be done or Yvaine?

Small world indeed.

Yvaine – Claire Danes
Tristan – Charlie Cox

Moriarty does list others who have been attached to the film, although not all their roles, but after the last Michelle Pfeiffer casting business (she is officially the Other Mother in the Laika Coraline now, right?), it’s probably better to lean on the side of caution than not. Especially when Robert DeNiro’s name gets mentioned. Eep.

Besides, you want to read Moriaty’s piece anyway. After all, he’s the one that spoke to Matthew Vaughn and Neil about Stardust’s adaption to film, and he also has information on some of the other film projects Neil’s been involved with (ie Beowulf, and the adaption of Charles Burns’ Black Hole that’s been rumoured about for a few weeks now)

With thanks to Steve who got me out of bed for this. I’ll be very happy when I’m completely well again, honest. Expect a rather large post here when that happens.