From the May 11th Hello (which has photos of the set on their website):

We are used to seeing Sienna Miller, who is famous for her boho chic style, looking cool in Ugg boots, skinny jeans and gypsy wraps. The 24-year-old looked very different when she was snapped in period costume on the set of her latest film, however.

With a green parasol resting on her shoulder and a stunning lilac ballgown covering her curves, the blonde actress was more lady of the manor than London It-Girl. Her eye-catching costume didn’t look out of place against the backdrop of Castle Coombe in Wiltshire, however, as the pretty village is one of Britain’s most historically authentic.

The picturesque town, which is centred around a 14th-century marketplace, has played host to the Britons, Saxons and the Normans down through the centuries. In recent years it has become accustomed to welcoming more modern visitors, as it’s frequently used for filming period dramas. St Andrew’s Church, which dates back to the 12th century and features a 500-year-old clock, is among the sites making it a favourite with location scouts.

Its latest guests are surely among the most glamorous to date, though. Stardust, a fantasy romance set in a magical land, sees Sienna starring alongside Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer and Claire Danes.

From the May 12th Gloucestershire Echo:

Bibury is set to hit the big time as film crews descend on the Cotswolds village.

National Trust homes in Arlington Row will feature in a blockbuster called Stardust, starring Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer.

The film is a fantasy set in a make-believe, magical land.

Cameras rolled at the picturesque 14th century terrace of Cotswold stone cottages overlooking the river.

The homes are a huge tourist attraction and one of the area’s most photographed scenes.

But they were given the old-fashioned treatment with props including milk churns and sacks of grain.

TV aerials, modern guttering, signs and paving were disguised for the film, which is believed to be set in the 1890s.

Gallery owner Diane Breen said: “They have put in an amazing amount of work.

“There’s even a fake door that slots in front of one of the National Trust doors which makes it look even older.”

Bibury Trout Farm manager Ian Peters was out with his camera.

“We didn’t see any of the stars but we’ll be waiting with bated breath to see the film,” he said.

“They were here for three days and used our car park. They had snow on the cottages’ rooftops and filmed a lot at night. It was dramatic.

“People didn’t do much business because of all the film crew vehicles – there must have been about 100.”

The cottages were converted from a sheep house in 1600 for weavers who supplied cloth to Arlington Mill.

From the May 11th This Is Wiltshire:

Picturesque Castle Combe has been buzzing with activity all week as Hollywood star Sienna Miller filmed scenes for her new blockbuster film Stardust.

Over the past four days, straw and turf has been laid on the roads, and shutters added outside buildings to transform the village into a film set.

Miss Miller, on-off girlfriend of Jude Law, arrived on her fourth day of filming just after 1pm where she was quickly ushered to a private booth.

The village deemed “the prettiest village in England” has been cordoned off and security guards and police are on guard until filming stops.

Leading man Charlie Cox, who has featured in The Merchant of Venice and Casanova, was seen filming from early morning yesterday.

The film boasts an all-star cast including Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer and Claire Danes and although rumoured to be on set, Mr De Niro was nowhere to be seen yesterday.

Over 200 extras were needed for the film and actors were selected from the village to take part.

Mac Turner, of Castle Combe, was filming yesterday as an extra but was whisked away before he could talk to the Gazette.

Castle Combe Parish Council chairman Adrian Bishop said: “I believe there are quite a number of extras taken from the village and they were all bussed up to London to audition.

“It’s very exciting for Castle Combe and the village has really been transformed.

Sienna plays the romantic interest, Victoria, in the film which is directed by Matthew Vaughn, the husband of supermodel Claudia Schiffer and director of Layer Cake.

Mr Vaughn said: “I am delighted to be able to work with such a stellar cast.

“I’ve looked forward to once again shooting in the UK.”

Stardust was written by Vaughn and his writing partner Jane Goldman and is adapted from the 1997 award-winning novel written by Neil Gaiman.

Stardust, is a fantasy, adventure love story.

In the sleepy English village of Wall a young man named Tristian, Charlie Cox, goes on a quest to win the heart of his beloved, Victoria, Sienna Miller.

His journey in search of a falling star Yvaine, Clarie Danes, takes him into a magical world where he faces a witch, Lamia played by Michelle Pfeiffer, and a pirate, Captain Shakespeare, Robert De Niro.

Filming is expected to finish by Friday, weather permitting.

The release date for the film has not yet been confirmed.

From May 10th on the website (With phots and video of the set):

Castle Combe, as seen in Dr Doolittle, Poirot and Robin of Sherwood, is about to star in a major new big-budget Hollywood movie.

The “Wiltshire Mecca of Picturesque Villages” has been chosen to play the part of the sleepy English village of Wall in the fantasy-adventure-love story Stardust. But, despite it’s obvious charms and English good looks, it will be battling for screen time with some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

Sienna at Castle Combe (Realplayer)

Among those signed up, for the fantasy romp, are Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer, Claire Danes, Claudia Schaffer, Charlie Cox and Sienna Miller.

Plus at the helm will be super-model Schaffer’s husband, and Layer Cake director, Mathew Vaughn.

Based on the critically rated novel by Neil Gaiman, the action kicks-off in the village of Wall, played by Castle Combe, “a countryside town bordering on a magical land”.

It’s from this sleepy hamlet that the young lad Tristian (Charlie Cox) heads off on a quest to win over the affections of local lass, Vicotria (Sienna Miller) by tracking down a falling star.

But as he journeys through this magical world he comes face to face with the witch, Lamia (Michelle Pfeiffer) and a pirate, Captain Shakespeare (Robert De Niro).

With a number of suitably dark and mysterious places all vying for a place in the adult fairytale… Castle Combe managed to land the role of the village of Wall.

With filming, scheduled to run from Sunday May 7th for a week, Castle Combe has undergone a bit of a make-over and emerged looking even more olde-worlde than usual (if that’s possible). The main road, for instance, running through the lower village, has been turfed over and some of the already TV-aerial free cottages have had French style shutters added.

Plus over the
last few days Sienna Miller has been on set, in period costume, taking advantage of the sunny weather for some exterior shots.

Filming is expected to continue, on location at Castle Combe, until the end of the week.

From the May 8th Daily Variety:

Jason Flemyng has joined Matthew Vaughn’s ensemble pic Stardust at Paramount. Story centers on a young man who ventures into a magical realm to retrieve a fallen star. Flemyng will play Primus, one of two princes in line to be king.

Thesp’s credits include “Snatch,” “Layer Cake” and “Transporter 2.”
— Stacy Dodd

From the May 5th Hoddesdon and Broxbourne Mercury News:

Tinseltown came to Hoddesdon for the day this week when a Hollywood movie director together with star of The Office and Extras Ricky Gervais breezed into town to shoot scenes for a new star-studded film.

A fleet of cars with blacked-out windows descended on the Charlton Mead Lane Industrial Estate as the top British actor turned out to film scenes for his new movie, Stardust, at a specialist prop and location warehouse Keeley Hire Film and Television.

The fantasy flick, being written and directed by Layer Cake director Matthew Vaughn – husband of Supermodel Claudia Schiffer – also stars Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer, Peter O’Toole, Charlie Cox, Billy Whitelaw and Sienna Miller.Publicists for the A-list project confirmed that Gervais, 45, had been filming in Hoddesdon and that Matthew Vaughn, 33, was also on set.

“They were there to film scenes for Stardust, that’s all we can say,” said a spokesman.

The film is being made by Paramount Pictures and is due to be released in June 2007.

The majority of filming for the movie is taking place at Pinewood Studios in Bucks and also on location in Iceland and the Isle of Skye.

Stardust is a fantasy romance adventure set in the sleepy English village of Wall and charts the adventures of young man named Tristian (Charlie Cox) who goes on a quest to win the heart of his beloved Victoria (Sienna Miller).

Although only a small part of the flick is being filmed in Hoddesdon, curious workers in Charlton Mead Lane were lapping up the action of the day.

“We noticed a lot of activity going on and posh cars with blacked-out windows going back and forth. Who’d have guessed that Ricky Gervais was here!” said one nearby office worker.

From the April 28th Norwich Evening News:

Owners of firms in historic Elm Hill hope new life will be breathed into the street when a Hollywood movie is shot on their doorstep.

Businesses have been told they will get compensation from the filmmakers when a cinema blockbuster is shot on the cobbles of the medieval thoroughfare.

But they hope to reap even more financial reward from the film, because its exposure on the big screen could draw more tourists to Norwich. As reported in the Evening News movie bosses picked Elm Hill as perfect location for a market street in the upcoming film Stardust, described as a grown-up fairy tale. Top Tinsel Town names including Michelle Pfeiffer, Robert de Niro and Claire Danes will appear in the film alongside British talent Sienna Miller.

Businesses are expected to close for one or two days of filming, proposed for June 5. Philip Goodbody of The Dormouse antique bookshop said: “We won’t really know whether it is a great thing for the street until the film comes out.

“Although I have not seen any written contract I understand that there will be some compensation for closing the business while the film crew are working.”

At 29a Elm Hill, Duncan McKeowan, owner of The Games Room, said he was looking forward to the street getting a bit of the limelight. He said: “I think it is good news.”

Pensioners Leonard and Barbara Stevenson moved to Elm Hill 48 years ago and think the arrival of Stardust is great news.

Mr Stevenson agreed: “It is fairly quiet down this street so it will be nice to have them filming here. I don’t mind at all,” he said.

Collett’s Curios owner Paul Collett, said he has been based on Elm Hill for a year and but will not be about on the day of filming: “If this film is a success it may help bring people in to the street.”

Location manager Emma Pill was not prepared to comment on whether any big stars would be coming to the street.

Rumours have spread that Robert de Niro is the most likely star to make an appearance as people confirmed they had been approached by tabloid newspapers offering money if they were able to snap the star.
–Sara Hardman.

From the April 26th Eastern Daily Press:

One of Norfolk’s most historic streets is to get a starring role in a Hollywood blockbuster featuring Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert de Niro, it was confirmed last night.

Elm Hill, in Norwich, has been chosen above scores of streets viewed across Europe as one of the locations for Stardust, to be directed by Layer Cake’s Matthew Vaughn.

The film will star a host of Hollywood hotshots including Sienna Miller and Claire Danes as well as Pfeiffer and de Niro.

But location manager Emma Pill could only confirm the film’s lead actor Charlie Cox, who plays hero Tristan Thorn, would be needed in the city, adding that Pfeiffer, de Niro and Miller would definitely not be shooting there.

Vaughn, who is married to supermodel Claudia Schiffer and lives at Coldham Hall, Suffolk, is adapting Neil Gaiman’s prize-winning novel of the same name into what is predicted to be one of the biggest films of 2007.

Elm Hill will play the part of a town in the kingdom of Stormhold, where the protagonist is trying to capture an elusive star for his beloved as part of the grown-up fairy tale.

The quaint cobbled street will now be transformed into a fantastical world of castle turrets and market stalls.

Some of the buildings are set to be painted and the magic of cinema will ensure there is snow and a computer generated flint archway at the end of the street.

Everything will be returned to its original glory after the shoot which is scheduled for early June.
–Lorna Marsh

From the April 27th Eastern Daily Press:

The splendour of Ely Cathedral has long attracted millions of visitors to the Cambridgeshire city.

Now film crews and Hollywood actors are heading to the Ship of the Fens to shoot the sequel to the lavish costume drama, Elizabeth…

…The news comes the same month it was revealed Norwich was among the locations chosen for a film tipped to be the blockbuster of the year.

Scenes from Stardust, an epic grown-up fairy tale starring Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer and Sienna Miller, will be shot in the city’s Elm Hill.

Producers plan to change the street into a fantastical walled city, complete with an unfamiliar flint archway, differently painted houses, background fairy castle turrets, snow in the middle of summer, market stalls and a gipsy caravan.

Ely has attracted film studios before – Donald Sutherlan
d and Al Pacino were on location for Revolution in 1985, which was also shot in King’s Lynn.

–Laura Devlin

From the April 25th Daily Express:

Hollywood came to Scotland yesterday as Michelle Pfeiffer began filming for the new fantasy blockbuster Stardust.

Pfeiffer, who plays a witch in the GBP 50million movie, braved the cold on the Isle of Skye to shoot her scenes before wrapping up in a voluminous full-length padded coat between scenes.

But there was no sign of her co-stars Robert De Niro, Sienna Miller, Claire Danes or Rupert Everett, as they wisely stayed out of the cold.

The movie, based in Victorian times, is being shot on Skye as well as Wester Ross, where the large crew and their security team have already set up camp.

The film is being directed by Matthew Vaughn, whose past films include British thriller Layer Cake. He was Guy Ritchie’s best man and fell in love with Scotland at Ritchie’s wedding to Madonna in December 2000.

Vaughn said: “I am delighted to be able to work with such a stellar cast in bringing the magic of Stardust to the screen.” Locals in Wester Ross watched in amazement last week as their caravan park was transformed into the moviemakers’ own home-from-home.

Marquees sprang up overnight and a fleet of more than 20 box vans and lorries carrying millions of pounds worth of equipment caused long tailbacks.

Stardust, set in the sleepy English village of Wall, tells the story of a young man, Tristan – played by Casanova star Charlie Cox – who is on a quest to win the heart of his beloved Victoria, played by Miller.

Tristan’s adventure takes him to a fantasy world where he faces witch Lamia, played by Pfeiffer, and De Niro in the role of pirate Captain Shakespeare.

Celia Stevenson of Scottish Screen said: “A lot of hard work has gone into getting the film here. It will be marvellous for the industry.”
–Tom Fullerton

There has also been coverage of the Stardust filming in newspapers including the Bath Chronicle, the New York Post, the Scottish Daily Record & Sunday Mail (on May 10th and April 25th), the Times, the Daily Star and the Daily Mail.